You Can Now Download Pixel 2's Google Camera 5.1 Android App

You Can Now Download Pixel 2's Google Camera 5.1 Android App

The latter is perhaps the biggest change in the new Pixel Launcher and is stuck for good at the top of the home screen.

Obviously, the Google Assistant support for Hulu is now not extensive and comprehensive as it is a new addition to the app. As you might expect, the new cases are meant to be slim, high quality, and also capable of withstanding drops while also meeting the MIL-STD 810G standard. This along with a few other bits of software have been both ripped from the Pixel 2 and made available to all Android users - a bunch of which will be able to use the lot.

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The Google Assistant is one of Google's most impressive services in a number of years, but as powerful as the AI has become in such a short amount of time, there are still some aspects that don't make any worldly sense. At a glance, and all that. Also, the Feed that comes up from the left of the home screen needs the launcher to be set as a system app to work. The all-new Pixel 2 Launcher is now available for download via APK Mirror. And make sure you understand that whatever happens with that file or your smartphone or anything else, for that matter, SlashGear will not be held accountable.

With the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, Google also introduced a revamped version of the eponymous Pixel Launcher, with fresh bouncy animations and expanded dock functionality in tow. The file is a tiny 2.5MB, as there's not much going on under the hood. It's handy to be able to see your usage habits, and the app gives you easy access to battery-optimizing settings such as switching adaptive brightness and sleep options.