North Korea Threatens to attack Guam in Response to US Military Deployment

North Korea Threatens to attack Guam in Response to US Military Deployment

As the United States and South Korea prepared for next week's joint naval exercise, North Korean officials on Friday (Oct 13) renewed their threat to launch ballistic missiles near Guam, a USA territory in the western Pacific. In the last three months, North Korea conducted its most powerful nuclear test ever and launched two missiles over northern Japan.

These actions "reinforce our determination about the need to tame the United States with fire, and keep our hand closer to the trigger and be ready to take any countermeasures required", the commentary said. But Trump has added to tensions in recent weeks by employing similarly tough talk, threatening to "totally destroy" or rain down "fire and fury" on North Korea.

President Trump recently stated that his attitude on North Korea is "the one that matters" after being questioned about the conflict between his hardline view on North Korea and Secretary of States Rex Tillerson's more diplomatic solution.

Neither Ri Man-gon, who oversees the party's department in charge of nuclear weapons and missile development, nor Kim Rak-gyom, the head of the Strategic Rocket Forces who is in charge of ballistic missile launches, showed up.

"They even gave us mathematical calculations that they believe prove that their missile can hit the west coast of the United States", Morozov said, according to RIA. He said there was already "great concern" about Americans living in Guam.

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President Donald Trump says he's open to the possibility that negotiations can steady tensions between the US and nuclear-armed North Korea.

He told reporters that if the threat grows "beyond where it is today, well, let's hope that diplomacy works" - just the latest in a series of cryptic messages from the Trump administration.

The previous test compelled Washington to accelerate its global campaign to exert sanctions and pressure on North Korea.

The President has been very vocal in his criticism of North Korea that some people have claimed have raised tensions on the Korean Peninsula. Kuwait and Qatar have taken similar steps in recent weeks.