Microsoft Edge browser (Preview) now ready for download on the Play Store

Microsoft Edge browser (Preview) now ready for download on the Play Store

Microsoft Edge has been launched last week in Windows 10. However, as we said it is in beta. Due to Microsoft's approach users lack control of their data. "That results in an intrusive profile of yourself", said DPA's vice-chairman, Wilbert Tomesen.

"What does that mean? Microsoft needs to give users a fair opportunity to decide about this themselves". The Dutch agency has issues with basic and full telemetry, the purposes of telemetry, and consent for telemetry in Windows 10. On the Windows Home and Pro versions there's no way to completely turn-off the telemetry system. The Edge for Android and iOS come with Hub View, Reading View, QR-code reader, voice search and more. As part of this branding change, the Arrow Launcher is now known as Microsoft Launcher. She also goes on to state that just as Microsoft has worked with French and Swiss data protection agencies to tweak its Windows 10 telemetry settings to comply with local ordinances, it is also willing to work with the Dutch DPA. The first is to help Microsoft fix Windows for devices on which it experiences errors, and the second is for Microsoft to serve personalized ads to Windows 10 users. Though Microsoft did give users an overview of the categories of data collected via basic telemetry, for the full telemetry it informs users in a general way, the Dutch agency claimed.

As operating systems and browsers become more and more secure malicious actors are finding it increasingly more worthwhile targeting the unchanging weak link in the chain, the user, using techniques such as phishing and spear phishing to trick users into willingly giving up their important data and credentials. DPA Vice-Chairman Wilbert Tomesen expresses that it is hard for users to know the extent of personal data being shared creating "an intrusive profile" of individuals using the operating system.

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If you use the same Microsoft Account in the Microsoft Edge app on Android that you use with Windows 10 then you will be able to push content to those devices.

However, having data collection settings enabled by default and then asking users to simply agree to those settings breaches the European Union data protection requirements for explicit consent.

Although collection of data is a generally unpopular practice from a consumer standpoint, Microsoft does have valid uses and benefits from collecting extensive metadata. Right now, most users may think their only option is to accept the full telemetry level. Facebook used to do something similar by making users' posts more public nearly every time it updated its privacy policy.