Razer teases 1 November event, likely for a new smartphone

Razer teases 1 November event, likely for a new smartphone

Recently, company's CEO Min-Liang Tan revealed that the company is indeed working on a smartphone in an interview with CNBC.

A glimpse of the project was teased on Senior VP/GM of Mobile at Razer Tom Moss's Twitter page, as we reported before.

This leads us to speculate that Razer might release some kind of smartphone or small tablet for consuming media and/or playing mobile games.

Razer is teasing their first ever smartphone device, with the announcement set for November 1. "We realized that a lot of our gamers are also passionate about the mobile gaming market, so we've done a couple of moves", he said talking about the smartphone market and why Razer intends to launch its own handset.

Earlier this year, Razer acquired Nextbit, a cloud-based smartphone manufacturer, which hinted that the company is looking to venture into smartphone industry in the near future.

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One theory is that the brand's first smartphone could be equipped to automatically store apps - principally games - as well as data (photos, videos) in the cloud, just like Nextbit's Robin smartphone, which made headlines at the 2016 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

Though the tweet does not explicitly mention that a smartphone is on its way, the image with which the teaser has been posted pretty much confirms the speculation.

Razer is finally doing something with Nextbit. Now, let's talk about the specifications of the gaming-centric, Razer Phone.

Razer's primary focus may be on gaming laptops and peripherals such as mice, keyboards and headsets. A few extra gigabytes of system memory isn't going to make a huge difference in performance which means Razer will need to do something with the form factor or software to really appeal to gamers. The specs are what you'd expect from a flagship device in 2017 but there's one detail that catches the eye.