Owner of Breaking Bad house installs fence to combat fans' pizza throwing

Owner of Breaking Bad house installs fence to combat fans' pizza throwing

The family that owns the house that the White family lived in on AMC's Breaking Bad has made a decision to build a fence around their home.

In case you're confused, the pie-tossing is a reference to a scene from the popular AMC show, in which White (Bryan Cranston) throws a whole pizza onto the roof of his house out of frustration.

It has become so common that the show's creator Vince Gilligan had to step in to ask pranksters to stop on a 2015 podcast - and now the owners have decided they aren't cleaning up pizza any more.

"We feel like we can't leave because when we do, something happens and that's ridiculous", the daughter of the owners said. She says some visitors even steal rocks from the landscaping as souvenirs.

During the third season of "Breaking Bad", White brings a pizza home for his family, only to find that wife Skyler (Anna Gunn) has locked him out after discovering his extracurricular activities.

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KOB reports that after years of vandalism from over-zealous fans, the residents of the house are installing a 6-foot high wrought iron fence.

And Frank Sandoval, who runs the Breaking Bad RV Tours, says he completely understands.

"There is nothing original or amusing or cool about throwing a pizza on this lady's roof", Gilligan said at the time.

Quintana's mother owns the home, and every week they lose count of the number of people who come by to look at it and take pictures in front of it.

"It's been done before, you're not the first".