LBC Callers In EPIC Row Over Killing Of White Widow Sally Jones

LBC Callers In EPIC Row Over Killing Of White Widow Sally Jones

Spokesman Maj Adrian Rankine-Galloway said, "I do not have any information that would substantiate that report but that could change and we are looking into this". Later, she became interested in music and played bass guitar in an all-girl punk band called Krunch.

Without being able to collect evidence on the ground it's impossible to confirm her death, but The Sun reported that the Central Intelligence Agency had told United Kingdom counterparts that Jones was killed by a Predator drone strike close to the Syria-Iraq border back in June. She was a key recruiter of British aspiring ISIS fighters and was soon put on a USA kill list, though she continued to provide online guidance on everything from how to make homemade bombs to the best way of getting to Syria. She was nicknamed the "White Widow" after this. She met Junaid Hussain, a British-Pakistani computer hacker who worked for the terror group, online and married him to become a "jihadi bride".

"The UK and U.S. military has been working closely together on a number of high-profile targets in recent months and Jones is believed to have been on that list". She also encouraged them to carry out attacks in Britain and offered lessons on making home-made bombs. Her husband was killed in 2015.

If reports of Jones' death are true, she would be the sixth Briton killed by drones in Syria.

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Jones also posted messages in support of IS as well as extremist comments such as: "You Christians all need beheading with a nice blunt knife and stuck on the railings at Raqqa ..."

Another source told the Times of London that reports of her demise are "probably accurate".

Former Ministry of Defence head of counter terror Major General Chip Chapman said Jones' alliance with Hussain and her recruitment role would have made her a "significant" target.