Hurricane Ophelia becomes 10th Atlantic hurricane of 2017 season

Hurricane Ophelia becomes 10th Atlantic hurricane of 2017 season

Hurricane Ophelia is predicted to hit Scotland over the next few days.

Ophelia became a hurricane late Wednesday, the 10th named storm in a row to reach that status, tying a record set more than a century ago.

But Ophelia will not be at hurricane status by the time it reaches the United Kingdom, as our waters are not warm enough to sustain it at that strength.

At 5 a.m., the center of the storm was about 725 miles southwest of the Azores.

Ophelia will get caught in the "westerlies", the jet-stream-powered flow that moves mid-latitude weather from west to east, over the weekend as it passes Portugal and Spain and heads towards Ireland.

From here Ophelia will curl more northward and remain a strong storm near Ireland Monday or Monday night.

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The compact weather system which will arrive on Monday afternoon and will continue into the early hours of Tuesday morning, is the first notable storm of the year to reach Irish shores.

The storm will coincide with the 30th anniversary of the Great Storm of 1987, which hit southern England on October 15 1987, costing an estimated £1 billion and claiming 18 lives.

Forecasters predict that Ireland, Northern Ireland and western portions of Britain will likely bear the brunt of Ophelia.

But he added: "It's definitely something that we are keeping an eye on, for the possibility of some disruptive weather early next week".

A Met Office statement said: "A spell of very windy weather is likely on Monday in association with ex-Ophelia".