Google starts adding Duo video call integration to some Android handsets

Google starts adding Duo video call integration to some Android handsets

Additionally, should you and the person you're calling be using handsets that support ViLTE (Video over LTE), then this service will be used for the video call, rather than the Duo app. You also need Contacts app version 2.1 and up to see the option on the contact's name, and Android Messages app version 2.6 or up to see the video call option in a conversation.

The roll out will begin with the first generation Pixel, Android One and Nexus devices, as well as the brand new Pixel 2 phones. The new Duo video calling feature will now be coming to more Android apps, but only for selected devices.

Whether you are a Pixel owner or not, the Google Wallpapers app remains one of the best choices for wall art on Android and it's completely free, so do take a look at the link right below.

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Since our original story went up, Google says they are updating the Google Store trade-in program to give you 30 days from the receipt of your new phone to trade in your old phone and receive the original price they quoted you. This means that if you do not have Google Duo but a friend does, you have to download it before video calling.

Video calling is on rise and with the ever-increasing internet penetration in developing nations like India, the future does seem to lean to the brighter side. With the deeper integration with other Android apps, Google hopes more people will want to use the Duo video calling feature.

Unfortunately, none of the Pixel 2's new live wallpapers are available, with Google likely restricting them to the newer phones or an upcoming system update for the Pixel. We're working with our carrier and device partners to bring this experience to more Android devices over time, quoted Jan Jedrzejowicz, Product Manager, Phone app on the GoogleBlog.