Decision on NZ government looming

Decision on NZ government looming

The main conservative and liberal parties are competing to form a government after an election last month ended inconclusively.

NZ First won't reveal the members of the board who will determine New Zealand's next government because they deserve their privacy.

"We believe that the talks will be completed by the end of tomorrow, which is all I ever promised, that we will be in a position to make a decision and start to finalise the matter".

He apparently means a meeting of his party's board to ratify a decision.

He first told reporters that board members could have been identified at the party's annual conference earlier this year, but later put out a statement saying their identities would be protected.

Catchpole said "some of the board members have requested for their names not to be disclosed and so it's either all or nothing so you won't be getting that list" and questioned why the board membership was of public interest.

Peters said it was the news media who had misunderstood the October 12 decision he'd previously promised. "I told you a certain thing and you misinterpreted it".

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Prime Minister Bill English said on Saturday negotiations would now likely focus on the economy.

The Greens, who must be part of a Labour-led government to make up the numbers, took no part in the negotiations with NZ First.

The final day of coalition meetings are under way at Parliament this morning, with National and New Zealand First going into the first meeting at 9.30am.

"What I do want to say is this has been a robust process".

"I think we need to be patient, we're looking at another two to three days before a decision", Dann says.

It is the third time Peters, best known as an anti-immigration campaigner, has found himself in the role of kingmaker under New Zealand's proportional voting system.

In the 120-seat parliament, National won 56 seats in the election, Labour won 46, New Zealand First won nine, and the Green Party won eight.