Chinese women detained at South Korean airport after plastic surgery

Chinese women detained at South Korean airport after plastic surgery

Three Chinese women who travelled overseas to get some work done on their face were unable to go back home as they were barred from taking their flights. Jian claimed that the three had been barred from their flight home, detained and questioned because their post-plastic surgery faces didn't look anything like their passport photos.

In the picture - which appears to have been removed from her account, but not before going viral - the women sit, passports in hand, faces swollen from the surgery and heavily bandaged.

The unidentified women flew last week to the country during China's Golden Week, a national holiday in which residents of the country are encouraged to take paid vacations that begins around October 1, said reports.

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Post-surgery swelling and bandages put the three women in a hard situation during passport control, when South Korean officers could not identify the women by their IDs. Jian even joked that their mothers wouldn't recognize them. The picture was liked more than 51,000 times and shared more than 23,000 times. The people of the country believe that getting the surgery done leads to better employment prospects and a happier life, says Many foreigners, especially from China, fly to South Korea specifically for plastic surgery. Apart from this, breast augmentation surgery is also very popular.

South Korea is notorious for its enthusiastic, and often controversial, approach to plastic surgery - particularly major facial surgery, which aims to make clients look more "Western".