Alexa Can Distinguish Your Voice to Get Personalized for You

Alexa Can Distinguish Your Voice to Get Personalized for You

Similar to Google Home, which got voice recognition capability in April, now Alexa can also be used to set up multiple user accounts.

Users will also be able to make use of the personalised voice recognition for voice calling.

Prior to the development, Alexa did not recognise who was speaking but went on with catering to the voice's demands.

Amazon began rolling out the feature to USA customers on October 11, but as yet there is no timescale on when the feature will land in the United Kingdom and Europe.

With this new feature, any Alexa-powered device will now be able to provide specific information to users based on who's talking to it.

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The back-and-forth of feature additions between Google and Amazon on their smart speakers is becoming one long, tedious yet fascinating, tennis rally. Amazon is not far behind, however, launching Voice Profiles for multiple users on its Echo smart speakers. So if you instruct it to call John, it will call your friend, not your roommates.

Other features include personalized music playlists for family members, Flash Briefings and Alexa-to-Alexa calls, as well as personalized shopping.

Tap begin, then pick the device you want to teach from the drop-down menu.

Now you will be shown 10 phrases to read outloud, so that Alexa can learn your voice. It has a huge selection across price ranges, including a low-priced Echo Dot speaker that costs about $35 when on sale, a full-size Echo for $179 and even the Echo Show, which has a screen built-in for video chat.

Sales of voice-activated wireless speakers are set to surge this holiday season as a raft of devices from established and new competitors hit the market, a research firm predicted Thursday.