Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 Skins Leak; Event Launches Today

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 Skins Leak; Event Launches Today

If you love collecting seasonal items in Blizzard's Overwatch, then you'll be pleased to learn that Overwatch's Halloween event is now live.

The return of the Junkenstein's Revenge brawl marks the first recycled seasonal event - but since we only got a month to play it a year ago, it's hard to complain. Mei's Jiangshi, Symmetra's Dragon, Reaper's Dracula, Zenyatta's Cultist and Mcree's Van Helsing have all been included.

This year, we've added a new endless mode for Junkenstein's Revenge, with leaderboards to commemorate those who last the longest in their fight against the evil doctor. More than 50 new treats will be available for this year's edition, including new skins.

In a blog post, the developer points out that, for this Halloween event, players can roam the now haunted streets of Hollywood and Eichenwalde.

The goal for the Endless Night mode is to survive unending waves of enemies.

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Junkenstein's Revenge is back this year and it comes with a brand-new endless mode.

Inside the castle, we can find a surgery bed with the Junkenstein's Monster themed Roadhog covered in a sheet instead of that massive throne with Reinhardt's Balderich skin.

The event is running from today, October 10th, until November 1st, and players will have the chance to collect 8 new Legendary skins for Mei, Zenyatta, Symmetra, McCree, Reaper, Ana, Torbjorn, and Zarya, respectively.

Overwatch Halloween Terror is clearly what we all Overwatch fans have been waiting for this year.

To celebrate the announcement of Halloween Terror, Blizzard also released a brand new trailer, which shows off some of the new skins. Junkenstein's Revenge has been improved upon from previous year. There are some great new highlight intros and emotes to pick up as well. (For skins, mind you - we got enough junk food.) You can buy these in the game now, in case you want to stock up!