Did Neville ask for his WWE release?

Did Neville ask for his WWE release?

We noted earlier that WWE denied to us that he quit the company but that there were people in the wrestling business that believed that he did indeed walk out and quit before Raw. His pay-per-view matches are routinely excellent, and while much of his best work has taken place on 205 Live (a brand nobody watches), his consistency is astounding.

According to Dave Meltzer, Kalisto and Amore were not scheduled to clash until the TLC pay-per-view on October 28, but Neville walking out forced the promotion's hand in moving that timeline up. is reporting that according to multiple WWE sources they have spoken with Neville has not departed WWE.

North American companies including Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling will also be keeping an eye on the situation, while Neville's style would also be tailor made for Mexico's more acrobatic promotions.

We should find out within the next 24 hours if Neville has indeed quit the company.

Here's Neville's last televised match to date.

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The match was changed, reportedly, because Neville walked out right before the show hit the air.

Rumors are swirling today regarding WWE's Cruiserweight Division.

This ATROCITY is not on the NEVILLE LEVEL.

The decision for Neville to lose the title was a controversial one for fans of the Geordie star, whose illuminating performances have established him as the highlight of his division since he made his return to WWE in December 2016.

This is really all we know for right now, but certainly, more will come out about this in the coming days here.