A Nintendo Game Boy Classic could be the next retro redo

A Nintendo Game Boy Classic could be the next retro redo

A recent trademark filed in Japan suggests that the company could be working on Nintendo Classic Mini Game Boy. He has updated his hakchi2 tool which allows you to side load pretty much any SNES game you want onto the system, expanding on the number of games it supports. Though numerous categories are not related to the gaming, it may have been included to protect the Nintendo Classic Mini Game Boy brand, notes Kotaku.

The SNES Classic hacking scene isn't all about adding more games to Nintendo's latest retro console. As of now, there has been no comment from Nintendo over the development. Why file this trademark now if not to prepare for a new system? Could Nintendo be plotting more, though?

Back in 2005, Nintendo released a smaller version of the Game Boy Advance called the Game Boy Micro.

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Even though a Classic Mini Game Boy is not completely out of question, there are some limitations to it. Though its games would arguably be easier to emulate than those of the Nintendo 64, it'd be hard to create a miniature Game Boy that's affordable and true to the original and include a screen. Fun fact: Milton Bradley's Microvision released in 1979 is actually the first the handheld game console to use interchangeable cartridges (and it was also featured in the movie Friday the 13th: Part II). In May, Samsung licensed the add-on, which is now available for $49.99, notes AnimeNewsNetwork.

As the new SNES Classic Edition continues to sell out almost instantaneously every time more units appears in stores or online, it seems like a no-brainer that Nintendo will continue to produce other retro consoles in the future. It is unclear if and when that might happen since 2018 is most likely the year we'll see the N64 Classic Edition (if it ever materializes).