Iran: US aiding terrorism if Revolutionary Guards declared terrorists

Iran: US aiding terrorism if Revolutionary Guards declared terrorists

Yadlin states that one of Trump's assets is that he is more willing to challenge Iran for its misbehavior and terrorism that is not part of the deal, which the Obama administration avoided, as it anxious about shaking the nuclear-deal boat. Failure by the United States to keep our word would play directly into the hands of Iranian hardliners who have always hated any cooperation with the west, and would love to be able to brandish a nuclear bomb. If the Congress made a decision to reintroduce sanctions, in practical terms the deal is dead.

After Trump reports, Congress will have 60 days to decide whether to reimpose the sanctions that were lifted as a result of the deal.

Keeping the deal, while talking tough, would allow him to strut the stage sounding like the tough guy he so desperately wants to be while maintaining a status quo that benefits both the US and its allies.

Additionally, the International Atomic Energy Agency, which is tasked with enforcing the JCPOA and monitoring Iran's nuclear activities, has repeatedly stated that Iran has remained in compliance with its strict obligations under the deal. Trump faces a 15 October deadline to recertify the nuclear deal - formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) - with Iran. It eliminates two-thirds of Iran's centrifuges and 98 percent of its enriched-uranium stockpile, and it is verified by the most intrusive verification and inspection regime ever negotiated.

In her opinion, during the upcoming visit to Beijing in November, "Trump will see in China a less compliant partner" in the matter of the North Korean nuclear missile program. And this is to say nothing of Russian Federation and China, both of which are also signatories and permanent members of the UN Security Council, as well as increasingly close allies of the Islamic Republic. All are happy with the deal and intend to uphold it.

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Germany Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel told reporters in Berlin that such comments from the USA will turn North Korea off any accord to halt its nuclear weapons programme.

Another intelligence report from the German state of Hessen, charged that Iran, along with several other countries, has used "guest academics" to obtain information about nuclear and other weapons programs.

There's no evidence Iran isn't honouring its side of the deal. It had to modify its Arak heavy water reactor so it could not produce weapons grade plutonium.

The hawkish turn in USA policy towards Iran has alarmed many of its European allies. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who has supported sticking with the deal, has said he believes Tehran violates its "spirit" by continuing to promote destabilizing actions in the region. "It is time to teach them a new lesson". United States firms are anxious to jump into this massive market of 80 million people. Rouhani called Trump's speech at the United Nations. Europeans companies from Total to Citroen to Airbus have signed agreements as well. Iran is not a country that we can trust.

American policies have already led to wars and conflicts in various parts of the world. The Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani, said last month he would not renegotiate. That is precisely what defines President Trump: irrational and risky.