Title Change In the WWE Hell In a Cell Opener Tonight

Title Change In the WWE Hell In a Cell Opener Tonight

They didn't waste time using them, but neither team took control throughout the match. He sided with Kevin Owens, a man he's been feuding with since NXT TakeOver: R Evolution back in December 2014 (and even further back if you count all the stuff in Ring of Honor). No padding, no mattresses, just him, a table and, what I assume is an bad lot of training on how to "safely" fall and land. However, that all came to an end Sunday night at Hell in a Cell. The Running 8 Match events Results of WWE Hell in a cell as per stipulations are as follows. The main championship will have Shinsuke Nakamura fighting Jinder Mahal again to try to take away the WWE title from him. Is Team Canada destined to prevail or will they fall at Hell in a Cell? The whole point of the match is you're supposed to be stuck in the cell.

He climbed to the top of the cell and made the leap of faith.

All Shane had to do was pin Owens but of course he didn't. Steel chairs, tables and maybe a 2x4 should be used. Kevin Owens beat McMahon in a Hell in a Cell match to assert his dominance in the new rivalry. The match picked up near the end, but ended quite quickly once Orton hit the RKO. I wouldn't mind seeing these teams go at it one more time if that's the route WWE wants to go, I just pray that they don't have the rematch on a random SmackDown as a throwaway just to say they did the rematch.

The two traded punches before Shane took a big risk by jumping off the barricade and onto KO. So I don't. Somehow Randy won and no one is surprised. It'll open them up for a match at Survivor Series, for sure. Not an empty threat.

From a purely athletic perspective, this match has the potential to be one of the best on the card, as both of these guys are great in-ring performers who "bring it" almost every night. However, the Usos got the final blow. Corbin, as of late, seems to be in a bit of a slump, but if anyone's capable of giving him a great match and getting him back on track, it would be AJ. It doesn't make a lot sense, and yet, it's hard to call it surprising.

Wrestling fans are talking about that insane ending from Sunday's WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, and everyone's trying to make sense of it. Sami Zayn saved Kevin Owens in the main event and helped him win the match when it was least expected. There was the occasional comedy you expect from the New Day - trombones aplenty - but the storytelling here was impeccable. Big E and Xavier Woods represented The New Day and they were trying to defend their Tag Team titles.

Smackdown Women's Championship title failed to change hands inspite of Charlotte Flair victory over current Champion Natalya. This time around he just seemed to bounce upon landing and it looked legitimately painful.

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NOLAN HOWELL: Natalya maintains via nefarious means.

This was probably one of the best Hell in a Cell matches in recent memory. Will Carmella cash in? Just give Charlotte the belt already.

- Below is video of AJ Styles talking to Renee Young and Peter Rosenberg on Talking Smack last night after WWE Hell In a Cell. The title can give him the boost he deserves and would provide for some new match-ups, feuds. Bobby Roode said that enough was enough, considering that he has the epitome of a flashy entrance. Ziggler attempted to pull the tights for a cheap win, but Roode turned the tables and returned the favor to steal the win. Is that too much to ask?

As pre-show matches go, I really enjoyed this one. The last match was flat and didn't deliver. He climbed the cell, again, but jumped and took a very big leap of faith.

NOLAN HOWELL: Rusev wins with help from "The Artist" Aiden English. Rusev crush! Winner: Rusev.

JOHN POWELL: How could anyone ruin Rusev Day?