Man Helps Kidnapped Girl and Gives Her His $7000 Reward

Man Helps Kidnapped Girl and Gives Her His $7000 Reward

A man who helped a U.S. teenager in her dramatic escape from three kidnappers has given his reward money of about $9,000 (£6,800) to her and her family. But Earl Melchert had other ideas.

Two heroes have emerged in Minnesota: an abducted 15-year-old girl and the 65-year-old farmer who found her. Fox News and the Twin Cities Pioneer Press report Jasmine Block disappeared from her Alexandria home on August 8, and she was reportedly held for almost a month in an abandoned house, where she says she was physically and sexually assaulted.

Today we witnessed an incredible example of kindness.

After helping to rescue a young woman who had just escaped her kidnappers, this 65-year-old man then handed over his $7,000 reward because she was "the real hero".

The girl, who was forced to swim through Grant County lake to escape her captors, was spotted by Mr Melchart when she came running towards his vehicle.

"I could make out her face, and I went, 'Oh my gosh, this is the gal from Alexandria that's been gone for 29 days, ' " Melchert told the paper.

She had escaped from a nearby abandoned house, where three men who abducted her had kept her for the previous few days.

The chief called her "amazing" and a "young lady with a lot of strength", and Mr. Melchert said she was the "real hero".

Melchert got Block to safety. Barker was a family acquaintance, Wyffels said, so Block agreed to accompany him.

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Amazingly, Jasmine was even able to help the police seize her perpetrators by identifying their auto nearby.

"The family needs the money", he said.

"To me, yeah, that's a lot of money, but they need it way worse than I do", he said.

"I thought at first it was a deer", Mr Melchert said.

Barker and two friends, Steven Powers and Joshua Holby, allegedly threatened the girl and assaulted her on multiple occasions.

"Jasmine is in school and they're adding more classes", Sarah told the Pioneer Press. He told Wyffels in a phone call that he "could use that money more now than ever", the police chief recounted during the presentation, "but it wouldn't be right". And he asked if I was the missing girl from Alex and I said "yes"'. He wrote: 'Thank you Earl, it is people like you that make this world a better place'. We wanted to thank him.

Melchert told The Voice of Alexandria that the experience has made him look at things differently.

All three have been arrested and charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment and assault. He is said to have told her that he needed help with a family emergency.