Cam Newton Apologizes for 'Extremely Degrading' Remarks to Female Reporter

Cam Newton Apologizes for 'Extremely Degrading' Remarks to Female Reporter

This is on Cam Newton - NOT ON US.

If Cam Newton thought it was amusing to hear a female reporter talk about "routes" this week, perhaps he should watch a video that circulated on social media Friday. "This is a slant route".

Following Cam Newton's controversial comments to a female reporter on Wednesday, he has already lost one sponsor, according to USA Today's A.J. Perez.

The Panthers quarterback tweeted his apology via a video on Thursday following the backlash.

And it doesn't hurt that her team, the Philadelphia Eagles, is playing Newton's team Thursday, Oct. 12.

Editor's Note: The family asked that NBC10 not use their last name. He said to young people specifically, "don't be like me-be better than me". "I think it's my job", Rodrigue wrote on Twitter, criticising Newton's reply.

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"At their age, I try to instill in them that they can do and be anything that they want to be".

"I realize that the joke is really on me", he said of the comment. I learned a valuable lesson from this.

After explaining a few more routes, she drops the proverbial mic, deadpanning, "You know, I think real boys fall on the football", a reference to Newton losing a pivotal game with a costly turnover. When asked about the tweets, Persinger said "she has owned them and apologized for them". Before attending, I got the comment of "don't be intimidated with being the only girl there".

I'm not the only one who feels this way either, as the Association for Women in Sports Media went to Twitter to make a statement.

She has since apologized for her tweets. And the Panthers themselves made sure to post it on social media in a not-so-subtle manner.

Rodrigue came to the Observer to cover the Panthers in October 2016. She had to apologize for a tweet from over four years ago which had racial overtones.