Gov. Mansion goes Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

Gov. Mansion goes Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

One in eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.

After all, it is estimated that 26,300 women and 230 men in Canada will be diagnosed with this devastating disease in 2017. No one has to face Cancer alone. Their mission is to assist young women and their families while battling breast cancer.

"We're not only promoting cancer awareness today but also a change of Lifestyle through fitness and healthy eating", she added. Regardless, it is important to know your family history and talk to a health care professional about your risk to determine when and how often you should get screened.

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time when women and their families should be vigilant about early detection of this disease.

. The good news is the overall death rate has decreased, along with fewer women under the age of 50 who have died due to breast cancer. The program has been in operation for 21 years and will be celebrating its anniversary this month. All proceeds raised are used for research and conferences at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and other national and global research facilities under the direction of Dr. Larry Norton, M.D, who serves as the foundation's scientific adviser and will be on hand to support the event. These developments have led to some breast cancer survivors acquiring coverage nearly immediately after treatment and at reasonable costs.

Davis Cowan survived cancer in 1996 and dedicated her 2004 album, Author and Finisher to the cause. The number of breast cancer cases in men relative to the population has been fairly stable over the last 30 years. The study touts an incredible and noteworthy drop in deaths from breast cancer. Since 1991, the Kentucky Women's Cancer Screening Program has performed over 318,228 screening mammograms, identifying at least 2,418 invasive breast cancers. That's why organizations such as the Breast Health Centre continue to stress the importance of awareness and education.

Susan Dennehy is a clinical nurse specialist with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority's Breast Health Centre.