Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition announced, to be released on January 16th

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition announced, to be released on January 16th

Street Fighter 5 is available now on PC and PlayStation 4.

The game also arrives with a new color scheme for the menu, and UI improvements. If you've been spectating from the sidelines or are waiting for a reason to join the fight, now is the time!

If the listing is to be believed, this new edition of the game will be free for all current Street Fighter V players and is expected to release on January 16, 2018. The game was got both critical and fanbase success and has had subsequent DLC released and updates as well.

The only difference is the availability of characters. In order to introduce more variety in each match, all characters will receive a second V-Trigger you can choose before the match begins!

Extra Battle - complete timed challenges to obtain exclusive costumes throughout 2018. However, it is important to mention that the DLC characters will not be added for free. Or are you done for good?

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Arcade Edition is basically one big do-over for dedicated fans and new players alike. Now Capcom's Unity Blog has revealed more details, like the fact that the Arcade Mode will feature six different paths inspired on Street Fighter, SFII, SF Alpha, SFIII, SF IV, and SFV, which represents a celebration of the series' 30th anniversary. If this is your first time buying the game, it'll cost you $39.99. Thus - enter Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.

Thursday's confirmation came hours after retail giant Amazon posted a listing for the game. But if you shelled out the ~£50 for the standard edition at launch, and now you're seeing a more polished game get more characters for less money, you have every right to feel a little short-changed by Capcom.

As the name might rather suggest, one of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition's additions will be a classic Arcade Mode.