Florida nursing home: Gov. Scott ignored our distress calls

Florida nursing home: Gov. Scott ignored our distress calls

"This situation is unfathomable", he said. Officials said it was not known how many people ignored evacuation orders and stayed behind in the Keys. Memorial Regional Hospital is yards away from the nursing home.

An AHCA official at the state's emergency management center expressed concern Thursday to colleagues and nursing home industry representatives that some facilities have not been reporting their status to the Health STAT system twice a day, as required by the state during the disaster - suggesting power outages may be to blame.

"It's a sad state of affairs", Sanchez said. It is only realistic to say that some deaths can be expected during, and especially after.

There are lots of questions surrounding the nursing home in south Florida where eight people died and many more were sent to the hospital.

Florida lawmakers will consider significant changes to nursing home regulations in the state following the deaths of eight residents in Irma's aftermath.

Not counting the nursing home deaths, at least 14 people in Florida have died under Irma-related circumstances, and six more in SC and Georgia, many of them well after the storm had passed.

The death toll across the Caribbean stood at 38, AP reported.

Near Miami, a family of four was treated for exposure to the fumes from a generator outside of their apartment. A Tampa man died after the chainsaw he was using to remove branches kicked back and cut his carotid artery. By that afternoon, five more had died.

"If they find that anyone wasn't acting in the best interests of their patients, we will hold them accountable to the fullest extent of the law", he said.

"I feel like they should have transferred people yesterday", one woman told reporters on Wednesday.

RAW VIDEO Inside Hollywood Hills Nursing Home
RAW VIDEO Inside Hollywood Hills Nursing Home

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which regulates nursing homes, gives the Hollywood center a below-average rating, two stars on its five-star scale. There was no indication from state records of follow-up action on the issue, and no such deficiency was cited in fire-life safety inspection conducted a few months ago.

Almost 3.8 million power customers in the state still lacked service early Wednesday as the mammoth effort to restore electricity in the often hot and humid region continues.

The number of people without electricity in the steamy late-summer heat was down to 6.8 million. Utility officials warned it could take 10 days or more for power to be fully restored.

At Thursday's news conference, medical workers from an adjacent hospital who assisted in evacuating the center on Wednesday recounted a scene of chaos and stifling conditions as panicky staff scrambled to move overheated patients into a room where fans were blowing. Rescue crews went door to door in the 94-degree heat to check on people and hand out water, ice and meals. "We worked with them. And we're not leaving". The facility kept calling Florida Power & Light.

"We want to make sure we interview everybody and see what they did and what they didn't do to make a determination, was there any criminal elements here", said Hollywood Police Chief Tomas Sanchez.

About 25 percent of homes in the Keys were destroyed and 65 percent heavily damaged, according to federal officials. Thank you so much.

It barreled into the Florida Keys island chain on Sunday, packing sustained winds of up to 130 miles per hour (215 km per hour) before plowing up the Gulf Coast of the state and dissipating.

U.S. President Donald Trump's Homeland Security adviser, Tom Bossert, said the federal government was working to help Florida Keys residents secure shelter through rental assistance, hotels or pre-manufactured housing.

In Hollywood, the Rehabilitation Center said the hurricane had knocked out a transformer that powered the air conditioning. Storey also confirmed that portable AC units were being used in an attempt to cool it 150 patients inside days after the storm.

Vendetta Craig's mother, 87-year-old Edna Jefferson, was one of the 145 patients evacuated.

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