Xbox Has A Clever Way To Save Hard Drive Space

Xbox Has A Clever Way To Save Hard Drive Space

Likewise, someone that has an Xbox One S wouldn't be required to download 4K assets for a game like Forza Motorsport 7, which would otherwise be considered mandatory for an Xbox One X. Still, with Microsoft likely to lead the way with its own games, the demands from Xbox One and Xbox One X owners for all providers to do the same might force them to get with the Intelligent Delivery program.

Tagging parts of the game into chunks will apply to gameplay content as well. Digital Foundry uses the example of a level editor, that perhaps many players won't bother with, or the campaign in a multiplayer-focused title that you might never play again. "Logically, essential data is located on the first disc and installed first, with the Xbox system software prompting the user to insert further discs in order to install other data, " writes Digital Foundry, which has analyzed documentation related to Intelligent Delivery. Games will download quicker and you can get into the game much faster.

Audio tracks, believe it or not, take up a surprising amount of space, especially in sports games like Federation Internationale de Football Association where the developers record the same audio in over a dozen languages. The platform holder describes the potential savings here as "massive". With the new Intelligent Delivery system.

Games like Halo 5 are pushing 100GB on Xbox One already, and with 4K assets thrown in from enhanced versions, download sizes are set to balloon even further.

Let us know what you think about the Xbox One X intelligent delivery system.

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"We have over 100 games with Xbox One X enhancements".

From a user perspective, files like audio commentaries can be managed through the Xbox dashboard - and deleted if you don't need them any more. Dubbed Intelligent Delivery, the system reportedly prioritizes only what each gamer actively needs, rather than forcing them to download the entire title.

Essentially, Intelligent Delivery talks to your hardware before starting a download to see what settings you're running and then optimizes delivery for those settings.

With content now divided into context-sensitive chunks, the door is now open to titles that can be delivered to users on more than one Blu-ray disc. This feature will allow users to save a lot of data and bandwidth.