Harvard yanks offer to Chelsea Manning after Central Intelligence Agency pressure

Harvard yanks offer to Chelsea Manning after Central Intelligence Agency pressure

Elmendorf added that Manning is still invited to spend a day at the Kennedy School and speak in the John F. Kennedy Jr.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo says he scrapped his appearance Thursday at Harvard University over the school's decision to make Chelsea Manning, who was convicted of leaking classified information, a visiting fellow. Oh, because CIA Director Mike Pompeo and former CIA intelligence analyst Michael Morrell got their undies knotted all up their asses about it. "Ms. Manning stands against everything the fearless men and women I serve alongside stand for", he wrote in a letter to the University, which was distributed to press.

Pompeo and Morell did not indicate that their decisions were motivated by Manning's choice to become a woman, but on her choices leading to conviction.

Harvard eventually did the right thing, but Manning will likely vocalize her anger to anyone who is willing to listen for a long time to come.

The Harvard controversy sparked a quick reaction from both critics and supporters of Manning.

Morell added that senior military leaders admitted the information Manning leaked endangered the lives of U.S. soldiers and that his conscience could not allow him to continue working under the circumstances. To others, she's a traitor.

Manning was convicted in 2013 of the Espionage Act for leaking hundreds of thousands of unclassified military documents.

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Manning's 35-year sentence was a punishment so severe that, when Barack Obama commuted it, he said it was without "historical precedent". While in prison Manning transitioned from male to female.

On Wednesday Manning had responded to critics by suggesting that Spicer shouldn't be a visiting fellow, and she responded to Harvard's announcement by saying she is "honored" to be the first transgender woman disinvited from holding the title. Petraeus pled guilty in 2015 to a misdemeanor for mishandling classified information after he gave his biographer and lover notebooks that contained classified information.

Morell served as deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency as well as its acting director, twice, under the Obama administration.

They noted what they suggested was the absurdity of honouring two prominent members of a presidential campaign notorious for its bending of the truth and controversial stances on race issues in America.

Pompeo has been vocal about the CIA's opposition to Wikileaks, Julian Assange's transparency organization. Many have praised her as an important whistleblower for unveiling certain atrocities the USA military had committed, and her actions have been credited for helping to catalyze the Arab Spring.

"Harvard's actions implicitly tell its students that you too can be a fellow at Harvard and a felon under United States law", Pompeo wrote in a letter to Harvard on Thursday, according to the Washington Post.