Mercedes-Benz Will Unveil This $2.4 Million Hypercar With 1100 Horsepower Soon

Mercedes-Benz Will Unveil This $2.4 Million Hypercar With 1100 Horsepower Soon

Unveiled Monday ahead of a world debut during Tuesday's opening day of the 2017 Frankfurt auto show, the Project One is officially a concept but hints strongly at the world-beating hypercar AMG will unleash in 2018.

In terms of design, the Project ONE noticeably avoids blending contemporary Mercedes styling cues into its racing vehicle inspired shape.

"The Mercedes-AMG Project One is the hottest and coolest vehicle we have ever designed", said Daimler Design Chief Gorden Wagners.

Project One is expected to go into production two years from now at an estimated price of £2.4 million. More importantly is the 1.6-litre turbocharged V6 with a 11,000rpm redline and F1-derived hybrid system that will produce over 1,000 horsepower. The vehicle is mid-engined (ahead of the rear axle) and it can easily reach speeds of 11,000 rpm, which is now unique for a roadgoing vehicle.

Power is delivered to the road through all four wheels: the rears fed by the V6 and its electric motors, while the fronts each have an additional 60kW motor. The amusing bit is that the model will also feature and all-electric driving mode, during which it will become the first ever FWD hypercar, since only the front axle will receive power.

A two-seater auto with a small backseat, Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar is expected to be priced at approximately $2.73 million. This energy is stored in the battery and is available for a longer electric range.

Mercedes-AMG Project One
Mercedes-AMG Project One

In addition to previewing an upcoming AMG product, the brand says the Project One is also an exercise in learning more about plug-in hybrid performance models and suspension components.

KERS-style energy recovery features on the front wheel motors, too.When coasting off-throttle, the system switches back to electric drive on the front axle to recuperate energy, fed back into the batteries.

A hydraulically actuated eight-speed automated manual paddleshift, by motorsport specialists Xtrac. The steering column is adjustable, as are the seat backrests - they're not fixed buckets, or not as standard, at least. A digital screen linked to a rear-facing camera replaces the rear-view mirror and Mercedes has also seen fit to include a smartphone holder and sat nav.

There are two LED monitors, one in the centre stack and one in front of the driver.

Only about 275 will be built.

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