Spotify and Hulu offer a sweet streaming deal to college students

Spotify and Hulu offer a sweet streaming deal to college students

Hulu and Spotify have teamed up to offer USA college students a $4.99 per month streaming bundle that will give them access to TV shows and music.

It isn't rare to see companies offer their services at a discount for students, but this new promotion from Spotify and Hulu is definitely a head-turning one.

Spotify has announced that it will be teaming up with Hulu to offer a special premium streaming bundle for college students in the United States.

The companies on Thursday announced that they will start offering Hulu with limited advertising and Spotify Premium for $5 per month. "We're very excited to be partnering with Hulu - a like-minded company which is as focused as we are on delivering the very best in high quality streaming content".

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The new streaming bundle from Spotify and Hulu marks the first time that the music streaming service has partnered with a TV and movie streaming service.

Once a customer's undergraduate status is verified, they will have access to the bundle rate for 12 months, at which point they will need to once again prove that they are students to re-up. You can go here for more information and to sign-up. Hulu's shows include original content like the hit drama "The Handmaid's Tale", and exclusives such as "Seinfeld" and "Fear the Walking Dead". Those with an existing student plan can also switch over to the Hulu bundle. Comcast Corp, the largest US cable provider, offers a special cable package to students at about 100 campuses. With Spotify, Hulu could gain a stronger foothold in the American video streaming market.

For now, only university students can sign-up for the Spotify/Hulu bundle.

Normally, a Hulu membership would run subscribers $7.99 a month.