Nissan Unveils Second-Generation 150-Mile LEAF Electric Car

Nissan Unveils Second-Generation 150-Mile LEAF Electric Car

While other electric vehicles have dominated the headlines over the past year, Nissan has quietly been chugging away at a new version of the top-selling Leaf EV. The Japanese automobile manufacturer has launched the 2018 Leaf, which is company's second generation electric vehicle. "We just have to balance value with range".

Nissan claims the new Leaf can travel up to 400km on a single charge - a significant jump from the 170km range in the first generation. Tesla recently cut the price of its most powerful Model S and Model X variants, but with the Model 3's long waiting list, we'd be surprised to see any price cuts for now.

The new Leaf is 448cm long, 179cm wide and 153cm high, meaning it's 4cm longer, 2cm wider and 2cm lower than its predecessor. The flash-surface grille in clear blue and the rear bumper's blue molding emphasize its identity as a Nissan EV.

The sale covers manufacturing operations at Sunderland, where around 300 workers oversee operations on rechargeable batteries used to power the Leaf. Out of that, 1,725 of them were hybrid models. The 2012 model had dropped to about two million rupees while the 2013 and newer models were selling way below three million rupees.

The Leaf remains an important part of Yokohama-based Nissan's branding as a symbol of the company's commitment to the environment. Your vehicle will be fully charged.

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Nissan Leaf has a luxurious design which is there to impress everyone around you.

One interesting new feature is called e-Pedal which, according to Nissan, lets you "drive and brake in a totally new and seamless way".

Brian Maragno, director of electric vehicle marketing for Nissan in the US, said the 2018 Leaf will start at $29,990 before a $7,500 federal tax credit, an important price point to current Leaf owners, many of whom will come back as repeat buyers.

He said the new Nissan Leaf and Nissan's intelligent mobility was relevant to all markets, including emerging markets, despite challenges such as the availability of charging infrastructure in these markets. The Leaf falls short on range, however, with both rivals offering larger batteries so they can drive further between charges. "It will be enough to get the attention of most mainstream EV shoppers". The model is slated for deliveries in the USA and Europe in early 2018. The cost of the auto will be slightly lesser by next month while going on the sale in Japan, with following the United States, Europe, Canada and so on by coming January. There isn't a recommended retail price for the United Kingdom yet, but in Japan the price of the new LEAF will start at 3,150,360 yen which is equivalent to around £22,000.