Here's another reason it may be impossible to buy an iPhone 8

Here's another reason it may be impossible to buy an iPhone 8

A key question is how differentiated the new iPhone lineup will be on features and pricing, he said. They're also much cheaper than they once were. However, Blass himself had talked about the possibility of the iPhone X a few days prior to this post. This week is the worst week to buy a new iPhone. Pacific Time on Tuesday, September 12th.

The tech giant has an iPhone Upgrade Program that allows customers to get a new iPhone when it comes out for just a little over $30 per month. Those glitches could resulted in extended supply shortages for Apple's 10th anniversary device. Some suggest that Apple may simply call it iPhone Edition, this is because it's the anniversary edition iPhone. Here's how you can watch the iPhone 8 event livestream right from the comfort of your home.

LG Display, Apple, and Samsung Display have refused to comment on what is going on, but according to statistics taken from April of 2016, Samsung holds a 97.7 percentage in global OLED production, meaning the vast number of resources at the company's disposal will be handy for Apple, but at a price tag.

Improved speaker/sound output - Ming Chi-Kuo predicts the iPhone 8 will have an improved speaker and an increase in power output for better sound quality when listening to your favorite tunes.

It's been speculated that Apple will be holding a product launch on 12 September, presumably for the new iPhone 8. It's been reported previously on several occasions that Apple wants to place the Touch ID fingerprint sensor underneath the OLED display.

Courtesy of RedmondPie, which managed to obtain a mockup of the iPhone 8 (or X, or Editon) based on rumored blueprints and schematics, we get to see how the next-gen iPhone looks compared to its peers.

New iPhones typically go on sale within two weeks of Apple's launch events.

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Samsung - Apple's closest rival - launched its flagship Galaxy S8 this summer with the slogan, "Unbox your phone" - referring to the "box" at the edges of the screen. We talk about the importance of distinguishing the iPhone 8 from the other iPhones and how Apple will do it.

The next-gen iPhone will only find favour with 16 percent existing iPhone users. The previous generation is typically $100 cheaper than the current generation.

It's like having an iPhone 7 Plus display in an iPhone 7 body. These are still very capable phones that will be upgraded with iOS 11 in September. But so far, the most reliable evidence has come from an industry analyst.

The iPhone 8/Edition was plagued by production glitches early in the manufacturing process, according to a new report from the WSJ.

These attempts to embed the Touch ID in the display led to some delays, so production was put back by about a month just for this reason. iPhone 8's production was further delayed after Apple made a decision to include OLED screens into its new phones, similar to those used by Samsung.

At this point, waiting until next week is a win-win for iPhone buyers. The OLED screen is about $24 more expensive, the dual lens camera costs about $19 more, and the new 3D sensing technology adds about $10.50 to the cost of the phone.

The iOS 11 and MacOS will be the software running the iPhone 8. the iOS 11 is now available in beta.