Bat causes chaos in Irish couple's kitchen

Bat causes chaos in Irish couple's kitchen

The video is elevated to comedic gold status by the hilarious commentary of Tadhg Fleming, the man filming his father's attempts to safely capture and release the dive-bombing Chiroptera.

Derry clambers up on a kitchen chair to try and grab the bat but to little avail and swaps to a larger towel in a bid to get it out.

He even refers to Derry as "Bat Dad" at the start of the footage, editing a picture of him to look like the superhero.

"You're tiring him out", Tadhg can be heard encouraging his dad.

Derry soon realised he was going to need a bigger towel. "That's it, get him now", shouts Tadhg "helpfully" from the background.

Derry soon realised he was going to need a bigger towel

"Panic ensued when the bat entered the kitchen from the back door", Tadhg told gossip site the Daily Edge in an interview.

The drama of it all becomes too much for the family's pet dog though, with the poor pooch ending up peeing on the floor.

"He's making a mockery out of you, boy", shouts Tadhg. Unfortunately for one family in Ireland, a chance encounter with a bat led to a tense struggle in their kitchen, the entirety of which was captured on video. "Nearly! Nearly! He's like McGregor, he's got no legs left!"

Finally, Derry manages to shoo the bat out - and dusts his hands with a look of great self-satisfaction on his face.

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