Why Did Taylor Swift Delete Most of Her Social Media Posts?

Why Did Taylor Swift Delete Most of Her Social Media Posts?

Taylor Swift hasn't released an album since 2014's 1989 (not that it's affected her earning power), and now a social media-deleting blitz has many believing that the pop star's full-length follow-up is imminent.

They were left wondering whether her accounts had been hacked, whether she was reinventing herself or whether there was a new album on its way. The pop star with a net worth of $280 million deleted every trace of her presence on various social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

According to the Independent, Taylor Swift has removed all of the photographs from her Instagram account and fans are confused as to why the celebrity chose to do this.

One fan stated: "In case there's any doubt, Taylor Swift's official website is also blacked out".

Her Instagram posts are gone.

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Some Swifties pointed out that the blackout came exactly three years after the announcement of the Grammy winner's most recent album, 1989.

Sometimes you just need a break from social media, so you leave your phone behind and spend hours doing whatever doesn't involve notifications.

Another tweeted: "Ladies and gentlemen, Taylor Swift has broke the Internet". It has now been nearly three years since October 2014's 1989, so her fans are getting increasingly impatient.

The 27-year-old singer has apparently been very busy working on new music in the past year. The singer had posted hundreds of pictures from over the years including her at certain events and celebrating her Fourth of July party.

Her tweet count is now on 999, with tweet number 1,000 likely to be saved for the huge announcement of her return to the limelight. Swift says he groped her during a photo-op in 2013. Looks like she wants a fresh start-and don't forget, she's reportedly releasing new music this Christmas/Swiftmas.