Microsoft Surface Devices No Longer Recommended By Consumer Reports

Microsoft Surface Devices No Longer Recommended By Consumer Reports

Panay wrote, "These improvements were unfortunately not reflected in the results of this survey", referencing the recent research done on the device by Consumer Reports. The Microsoft Surface Laptop (128GB and 256GB versions) and Microsoft Surface Book (128GB and 512GB versions) all lost their recommended status. Seen by Paul Thurrott, the document not only specifies that Microsoft experienced "some quality issues" with both the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4, but gives a chart of return rates. Surface Pro 4 had 16 percent return rates at launch, but dropped below 10 percent in one month.

Consumer Reports' data may be somewhat skewed towards earlier products, since it's a running two-year survey, but that doesn't change the fact that Microsoft's own data backs up exactly what CR said.

While it is hard to find a hero in any story involving characters like Intel and Microsoft, it looks pretty clear that in this yarn the black hat certainly belongs to Vole. Indeed, the extent of the issue was only recognized by senior Microsoft management when other Windows notebook OEMs confirmed that they had no complaints about Skylake whatsoever. Lenovo was confused. No one was having any issues, he was told. In addition, CNET said that owners of the Surface devices should not panic, as it pointed out some flaws in the study carried out by Consumer Reports. Microsoft seems to have been forced to take a defensive stance against the report, publishing a blog post that's really a façade for its efforts to address the underlying issues.

Instead, Thurrott's sources place the blame on Microsoft itself, and for its own custom drivers that were crafted for Surface devices. Because NPS does not measure reliability, which is what Consumer Reports is estimating.

Microsoft also mentions in the memo that all of the issues that might have caused higher returns have been fixed and thus returns have decreased over the past 12 months. The memo reveals the company is planning to share "a comprehensive set of data that reflects the strength of our quality and our customer sentiment" with partners, retail and sales personnel, and marketing teams.

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So here are the key takeaways.

Three, that subsequent Surface devices launched in far more reliable states.

And five, that Microsoft is determined to tell its story and to reassure its customers that it is serious about providing an excellent and high-quality experience to all Surface customers. This is believed to be their vision for the ever-elusive Microsoft Surface Phone.

The Microsoft Surface Phone is expected to be the embodiment of the company's grand mobile vision although rumor has it that it will not turn up until next year or 2019.