No plans to fire Mueller

No plans to fire Mueller

You know, like I guarantee that if we went around and looked at everybody who made a speech or whatever these people did, that's up to them.

The Atlantic's Peter Beinart wrote a piece titled: "Why Trump Might Fire Robert Mueller". You say, "Oh, I'm going to dismiss him". But when Trump clashed in July with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, rumors circulated that the president may be looking for a replacement for Sesssions who would be willing to get rid of Mueller. A few moments later, he made her wildest dreams come true. Standing with Trump will satisfy many Republicans, but it will also give voters more than ample cause to vote them out of office.

Trump added that he was eagerly awaiting the findings from the House and Senate investigations into Russia's 2016 election meddling, CNN reported.

But the statements stood in contrast to what Mr. Trump has privately told people close to him in recent months.

John Dowd, Trump's attorney, underscored Trump's support for Mueller in a comment August 8. Trump and his advisors may genuinely believe that firing Mueller is a smart move. On Wednesday, news broke that Federal Bureau of Investigation agents had made a predawn raid on the home of Paul Manafort, Trump's one-time campaign manager, late last month.

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Politico reported August 10 that Manafort has hired a new legal firm which specializes in complicated financial criminal proceedings to represent him.

Investigators sought tax documents and foreign banking records from Mr. Manafort, who is under investigation for his business dealings, his attendance at a meeting between campaign officials and Russians, and whether his work for the Ukrainian government violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act. Manafort has stated he has nothing to hide from Mueller's team.

During a briefing on Friday, a reporter asked Trump if he plans to fire Mueller. "They [the FBI] do that very seldom, so I was surprised to see it".

"So, I was surprised to see it", he added.