Spotify is bringing background music to the Xbox One

Spotify is bringing background music to the Xbox One

Soon you'll be able to swap the score for your Spotify playlist. The integration will allow players to soundtrack their own gaming sessions for a more personalized experience. Under Browse, players will find a Gaming hub that offers pre-curated playlists around certain gaming styles. You can use Spotify Connect to control your Xbox wirelessly from the app on your smart device or PC - a feature that works impressively well when I switch the current player from PC to phone almost seamlessly.

To install the app, simply turn on your Xbox One, download the "Spotify Music - for Xbox" app on your console, and log in or create a Spotify account.

After a long wait, Windows users on both PC, tablets, and now the Xbox One console can use the popular Spotify music service on their devices. Or check out new releases.

Microsoft has launched its next major update to select Xbox One and Windows 10 users which brings yet another, much-needed interface overhaul to the Xbox platform with vastly improved speeds.

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Search for any song, album, or playlist. At Spotify, we believe that the right music can make every moment special, wherever and whenever you are. Adding stuff to Home won't just add the title itself, however - you'll get a feed of blocks that are related including activity posts from a game's developer or notifications when friends are playing, for instance.

In the free version of Spotify, which is ad supported, external speakers such as those from Sonos, Samsung, and Amazon can be targets for your music but require a premium subscription to use them.

Alternatively, use Spotify Connect to use your phone to control the music remotely.