All The Legendary Pokemon Released In Pokemon Go So Far

All The Legendary Pokemon Released In Pokemon Go So Far

It's clear that people still have an interest in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon Go fans were given the opportunity to capture Moltres last week and now that Moltres is gone, a new Legendary bird will be arriving to take its place.

In detail, both Moltres and Zapdos will debut on August 7 and it will add on to the list of legendary Pokemons in Pokemon Go.

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So, Zapdos is up next. Make sure to return there once the timer is up so you can take part.

Once Zapdos is defeated, you'll be able to encounter it. If you want to beat it, you may want to get a Golem as they are the best type of Pokemon against it. Zapados' strengths are electricity so it's worth catching. You're going to want a Dark quick move for Tyranitar (Bite is Tyranitar's only good quick move), and a Rock charge move. Raid battles, especially ones versus legendary Pokemon, can be extremely hard so gather some friends or nearby people if needed to help you out. Is it a good way to keep players excited about the legendary Pokemon, or would you rather have access to all of them at once? You can go ahead and click on the banner below to download your free copy now!